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Warren Ellis was talking about mind gangersterism in his journal. Coupled with listening to what passes for radio these days as I was on one of my long drives, that got me to thinking. I'd love to see a resurgence of old style radio. With the ease of the internet these days, someone could start up radio serials again. So far all the internet radio I've found is music (and with my connection most of the time, I can't really listen to internet radio anyway), with the occasional rant about how much they hate whales. Let's face it, talk radio on real stations has devolved into an orgy of flame fanning and psychosis, and is only good for getting your blood pressure up when its low. But there's real potential in the internet. You don't have to answer to anybody about the content, and you don't even need to get one of the radio stations, you can serve audio files for download instead, so people can listen to them at their convenience. Yeah, we can't have another War of the Worlds that way (you can do it, but through a different medium, since the news is obviously not on your webpage feed- that sort of thing ends up more like Dionaea House. Although I was surprised at the number of people who were actually convinced it was real- aren't we too jaded for that these days?), but I could see some real potential with serving audio, and we've reached a point, technology-wise, where people are ready for it. Enough people are on a fast enough connection now that you wouldn't have to worry as much about the patience aspect that hindered it before- who'd want to wait that long unless they already knew it was going to be really good.

Mind you, I won't do it. I hate the sound of my own voice, especially recorded. But I'd still love to see someone else do it.

New Thing #2 I mentioned a bit ago is finally somewhat ready for public consumption- I keep playing around with formatting nonsense and such, but really, its ready to go right out of the box for the most part, so now you can have it, to cheer you up from the post Halloween blues- the fftd message board. Yes, its dead there now, but that's why you're here. I'm finally making a foray into that whole community thing. Scary.

San Diego took the bid for C11 with their pirate theme, so I smacked the pirate theme into shape for you to use. Arr!

New Thing #1 mentioned at the same time is still not up for public consumption. It will be, one of these days, I just need to address sizing issues and suchlike. Also, I am slow.

So I'm jumping on one of those fabulous blogging bandwagons. I've put in an rss feed. For those of you who don't know what it is, you can get a desktop reader and when new stuffs end up in the xml file, it shows up on your reader without you having to go checking the page constantly for updates. Its all fancypants blogging and news and dynamic contenty stuff.

I'm totally doing it for practice and to see how this thing works. I'm so not worthy of that sort of crap. In fact, this is the only mention you're going to find of it, at least for now. Its pretty unnecessary here. I don't really tell you where I've done my updates most of the time, the hunt is part of the fun (and by "fun" I mean, well, torture. Yeah, that's what you get. I hurts you cause I loves you baby), though most of the time when I do one of these text updates I've done something- but often its nothing you can possibly see because its all backend databasey or server related. So see, not so really that useful. But hey, it exists now, and you can get my random babblings delivered directly to your computer. You so need that. You wouldn't want to get here a minute late or anything.

Of course, I go away and everything breaks. So I think half the stuff that was working perfectly when I left home stopped functioning as soon as I looked away or something. It likes to do that to me. Anyway. flowers.forthedead.net should be perfectly functional now, if occasionally not exactly as I expect it to. fairies should also be working again, since that appears to have broken as soon as I turned my back on it.

I'm still not home home, and am stealing time (and shiny electrons) on someone's computer at the moment to do a little maintenance. Things were less unfixably broken this time- I'm not sure if that actually is because it always was and I wasn't doing it right, or because they figured out from my emails to them that things were set up badly. Its still a little awkward on my end, but shouldn't be so much on yours, or so goes the theory.

Eventually I'll be home. After I walk down the aisle with some guy I haven't met yet (I'm not getting married, but a friend is, and I get to be in the wedding party, whee fun. The dress is actually pretty nice and usable for a normal dress-up dress which is cool).

The great server migration of aught four is mostly done. flowers.forthedead.net is currently inaccessible for an unspecified period of time due to exceeding a redirection limit (shouldn't happen again, was due to expecting things to work as they did not) so that's still down till they decide to open it back up again (the .coms still work fine, and forthedead.net is also fully functional). Of course, the people who need to know that, are the people who can't see this, and that is the main url here, after all. But yeah, eventually things will be functional again. Some links may still be a little less than functional as they should be around here, related to previous problem.

I'm leaving you magnificent creatures for a month starting Wednesday. As in the day after tomorrow Wednesday. I'm sure you'll all miss me terribly while I'm gone. I'm currently panicking trying to get things set so I can be away.

Some may have noticed a distinct lack of forthedead as of late. Guess who went over my bandwidth? Yes, my carpet pixies, that would be you. And this host wouldn't even tell me how much extra would cost, oh no, they just wanted my credit card. Ah well, I've been meaning to change servers anyway since I haven't been all that happy and would have to eventually anyway, so I'm in the process of now- and I doubt you'll be able to see this until at least the day after its actually posted, what with nameservers and filtering and all that rot. But then, it might give me enough time to get the hulking beast that is my website(s) uploaded.

But yeah, apparently I have reasonably high bandwidth needs? I still find that odd. I guess there's lots of stuff or something. But I hope I've found a server with a lot of bandwidth padding. It should be.

In the interim, the birthday has come and gone, and gone is where it should be. Nadav gave me a fab present for my birthday, as he is like to do, which was very nice. And a couple of know-them-offline-but-also-talk-to-online friends also did things. So all in all, a substantially less assy birthday than usual. Perhaps the dark cloud has broken (yeah, right. I'll believe it when I see it).

A functional happy server is energizing. The old one is alright, but I can't do fancypants stuff, and I'm all about the fancypants stuff (php is a beautiful thing). Also, apparently, going through a year and a half-2 years worth of mail is energizing. Yeah, I suck. To an extremely extremey degree. But you know, while it took days, it was also heartening, I had fanmail! You have no idea how much this warms my heart. I didn't reply, cause you know, what do you say when its been 6 months or a year or two, "oh, hey, after ignoring that account because I was afraid to touch it I found your mail, hi!"? Also, I don't know what to say to fanmail in general, most of it is generic "I like your site" type stuff, and I don't have a whole lot of input to that. I mean, yeah, cool and all, but what does one say really? Sending back a one line "Thanks" seems pretty lame. So I'm even lamer and do nothing. But sorting through a couple of years of mail, I got quite a few of them. Yeah, it might just be 5 over the time, if that, but hey, all at once? That makes one feel good.

And now that we've gotten past the sucking portion of our programme this evening, I also did updates. Oh yes, those 2 years of backlog? The reason I feared it was they were the eyes. *twitch* 6 new pages. That's just sick. I should automate this thing one day, but then again, I do have to do a fair amount of editting often.

Also, I've got a Brand New Thing in the works, though it may be a bit till I let you in on it. I love it (especially the backend you can't see), but there are offline things that need to be done before it really has enough actual content to be worth it. Kittenthing is helping a lot, and by "helping" I mean "wrapping yarn all over the place." She's such a spaz. But a cute spaz, even when she's biting my ankles.

Actually there is also another Brand New Thing I'm bandying about, but I'm trying to make decisions on where it should really go. I'm leaning towards the notflowers server- while it wouldn't have the url, I'm keeping that server, and its database driven, I don't want to be scrambling last minute downloading the databse, and downtime, and all that rot, its just not pretty. It would potentially be a veryquick thing to get running, and all community-like and crap. Honestly, not really sure I want that from some standpoints, but from others, yeah, would be nice probably.

And finally, and this was true the last time I talked to you here, new fairy. Mostly done (no downloady yet, but I'll get there- the flash portion is up though, so wheefun web playing is waiting for you).

Stuff and nonsense. Its been a while since I've talked to you all.

I've been meaning to get back earlier, promise. A big part of it is shiny brand new server- which I wouldn't recommend to anyone, I've had far too many problems with these people. But hey, its free, so I can't complain *too* much. But the constantly being unable to do anything? Yeah, that hasn't helped so much. (They have gotten better, finally, but still, I'm not all that happy, I certainly wouldn't recommend.)

Server move means things may be a mess here and there, please bear with, as I have plans which I'm in the process of doing something about. Also, it means there may be some new goodies here and there, though more are to come. Speaking of- I don't think I've let you in on things I did last Christmas (gah, what a long time ago now!). Haunted Mansion Stretching Room Dioramas, instructions to follow once I finally make one of them up (promise!), and Christmas spiders.

I still miss my baby boy. But I have new additions to the family, a puppy, Leopold (a Schipperke), and a kitten, Lisette. There are some baby pictures of when they first came to me, and there are some more recent pictures of Lisette as well (Leo is off visiting my parents, which I don't mind since he still isn't housetrained). Oh, and while you're at it, you can raid the directory for my life in pictures. Note: some links don't work (most noticeably, don't go to Edinburgh, its not there yet).

Certain things are being a pain in my ass- topmost of the list at this very moment is Firefox. I don't like that. I want to like Firefox, I really do. I am using it anyway, because IE is so full of security holes its not even funny (seriously, its bad news), but Firefox so far is proving full of bad design elements (a built in javascript function is broken! Built in!), and annoying here and there. I like some things about it- I adore the tabbed pages although I'd like to set things up a little different, I probably could if I learned the language and wrote an add-on, another kick ass thing, but the built in popup blocker? Oh dear no. I miss Avant's popup blocker instead, its smart. Firefox's errs on the side of letting nothing work. Even things that are in a new window, but I would not class as popups at all, and most certainly cannot be automatic ads in any way, shape or form (seriously, this is going to turn all but the tech savvy totally off this browser- after they think the first couple of sites are broken they will finally figure out its the browser's fault, and not bother to go into the menu to turn it off- which in itself is a problem because then you have no popup blocker at all, and that, my friends, is absolutely awful in this day and age of adverts). I never had a problem with Avant, I got no ads, and it never blocked anything I wanted, it was beautiful. Also, it was so very much faster than Firefox, which so far is proving to be a laggy plodding beast. But Avant is built on top of IE, so bye bye Avant. I will miss you.

Oh, and the "another year closer to death" is approaching. Actually, that doesn't bother me, its just another day, I'm just not big on birthdays. Bleh. But, Nadav has again graced me with a present, so its not all bad!

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